Supporting the Home Team For All The Right Reasons

I received a sincere, and heartfelt email message tonight from the author, and publisher of Husker Game Day 2011 – A Big Ten Welcome. This was a project that Houchen Bindery Ltd. handled bindery production for Barnhart Press of Omaha of during the fall of 2011.

Ken Jarecke, the photographer and publisher behind Husker Game Day 2010 – Farewell Big 12, sent me a note because I had purchased a book in the presale in September last year. He asked for help, because in fact there were still some extra books remaining from the print run. I immediately sent a note back asking to help promote this title here on the blog.

Working on this title with the entire team at Barnhart Press, was a labor of love. We quickly found out that the desire was for this title to be produced entirely in the state of Nebraska. That ruled out the potential of us outsourcing any excess overload to another company out of state. We usually don’t ever do that, but with the potentially huge quantities they asked for, we had to consider it as an option. I would be remiss in not mentioning that in the final production, we did enlist extra help from Brian Bock and and team at the Pease Bindery which helped in producing a portion of the project. This was truly an example of where several companies, working in conjunction with each other, produced something that was greater than the whole.

The Husker Big 12 book block before final finishing and hard cover binding

In the words of Ken Jarecke:”That’s why I printed a high-quality, 256 page, hardcover book about the Huskers. It is not easily discarded, rather people will hand it down to their children and grandchildren. Twenty, thirty or forty years from now, it will look just as good and be just as “user-friendly” as it is today. More than anything, it’s a time capsule of the Husker experience at the turn of the century.

Well, as Nebraskans, we are all proud to be part of this project, but there is something else I should mention. The book is licensed by University of Nebraska, which means 10% of the retail price goes back to the athletic department.

That alone is a good reason to support the home team! Go Big Red !

Aditionally, the companion volume, Husker Game Day 2011 – A Big Ten Welcome, is scheduled for release in August of this year (2012). The two books together will give viewers an unprecedented view of college (specifically Husker) football during our time.

Ken Jarecke could have saved a few bucks and sourced the manufacturing of this project to an overseas source, but he chose not to. We were honored to be part of this project, and have it produced in the state of Nebraska. In the millions of books I have been involved with over the years, I consider this one of the most important books personally I have ever worked on. It was a pleasure to work with everyone at all stages of the project.

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Supporting the Home Team for All The Right Reasons