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EDITIONBINDING.COM was initially launched in 2011, and quickly developed a following of readers from around the world. Featuring weekly articles and tips on various aspects of edition bookbinding we were involved with at the time. As is typical with many bloggers, I lost momentum, got too busy with other day to day tasks and my postings fell off. After about mid 2015, like an untended garden, the site was over-run with malicious code from hackers and along with the extremely poor handling of customer service provided by our hosting company at the time: Hostgator, (part of the evil  Endurance International Group of hosting companies) lead me to simply halt all efforts on the blog. Fortunately, I have now moved my mini-empire of book production related domains over to an awesome hosting company called SiteGround .

I  took some time off the blog to re-evaluate and have  emerged with a new theme to the site.  I will be posting semi-regular, fresh articles on all things  book production related. During this time off, I also decided to not republish any of the old articles (of which there were 100’s). It was time to start fresh with new content and a new look.  There is a definite  need for the service of a good edition binder.  There’s also a lot of information to cover. I will do my best to cover many topics from the basics to the more complex. All opinions expressed are solely my own and not associated with any other company or organization.

I hope you find this content useful. I welcome all comments, questions and feedback!

-Martin Pugh


Martin Pugh